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Dress – a popular fashion garment and everything you need to know about it

If there is one fashion garment that can instantly make you look good and more beautiful that is the dress. The power of the dress comes from the earliest times. In the past, women were only allowed and could wear dresses because that was the garment that made them feel beautiful and it was feminine. As the fashion developed, the cartoons and fairy tales started depicting the princesses in the most beautiful dresses and gowns, which was another pointer that the dress is a strong fashion garment. The newest fashion trends put the dress high up on the fashion ladder as a piece that is quick and easy to style and wear.

There are quite a lot of different dress options that are connected to the cut, model, and of course the occasion. Here is a quick guide on all the different types of dresses, divided into categories, and how to wear them.


The dresses today can come in three main lengths: mini, midi, and maxi. The mini or also called short dresses are those whose length comes above the knees. These are the dresses that the younger population wants to wear, they look youthful, and show some skin. The midi dresses are those that reach the length of the knees and a bit below it. Currently, the midi length is very popular on the fashion scene, since it delivers cool and fashionable style. It is appropriate for all ages and its styling is quite modern. The maxi dresses are those dresses whose length reaches the ankles and also can reach the floor. In this category, you can find all the long summer dresses as well as the elegant and ball gown.

When choosing to wear a dress, it is important to find the right fit for your body. The dress should be the garment that will flaunt the curves and hide the flaws, make you feel beautiful, strong, and confident. That is why there are different types of dresses designed and created for different occasions.

Elegant dress for black-tie events / cocktails / winter weddings

Black-tie events are very formal events, that require special and prescribed outfit and looks. For the ladies, that means a nice and elegant dress. The classic cuts, lengths, and carefully chosen colors can make a huge difference. Long gowns and elegant dresses are the perfect choices for this type of occasion. One elegant dress can feature an off-shoulder, delicate details and pencil skirt length that will make you look very elegant and regal. It can also be a one in a straight cut, with bold straps. For the best possible look, avoid prints and patterns and choose a dress in one color.

Semi-formal dress for a business party/holiday party

The business or holiday parties are a nice way to socially mingle with co-workers and show off some different fashion styles. And of course, the dresses are a cool and suitable clothing choice. A one-piece that every woman should own in her closet is the midi Little Black dress. There are lots of different LBTs in the market. Some have a wide skirt, some pencil skirt, some are even plain with a straight cut. There is also a difference in sleeves. The LBT can come without or with sleeves – medium or long ones, fully covered or from a see-through fabric.   

Light and casual dress for summer weddings and outdoor official events

Summer weddings and summer outdoor events are the perfect places to wear a maxi dress. There are lots of cute long gowns that are suitable for these kinds of events. They are open, easy to move around, and let the body cool off easily. The prints, patterns, and bold colors are allowed. The style is casual and chic, playful, and interesting.

Ball gowns for prom /official events

The ball gown is one of the most demanded types of dress when it comes to occasions such as a prom or other highly official event. The ball gown is long and elegant, coming in sating or other sheer fabric. It can feature a sweetheart or a straight top opening, a tight waist, and a big and voluminous skirt. The length reaches the floor.

Bodycon dress for a night out

The bodycon dress is one of the most popular shaping dresses today. Its popularity comes directly from the celebrities and it is a nice way to show off your curves. The purpose of the bodycon dress is to follow the line of the silhouette and provide a sexy and trendy look. This kind of dress can come in all lengths and it is an excellent dressing choice for a night out.

Smart dress for work/business meetings

Presenting a smart and semi-formal look at work can be easily done with the choice of the proper dress. The length and color here are among the most important things that cannot be forgotten. The pencil skirt dress, the peplum dress, the A-line cut, or a straight dress in a midi length are the choice to be considered. The checkered print, plaids, and neutral colors are the appropriate choice.

Wrap dress for casual outings

The wrap dress is a perfect summer dress. It comes from light fabric, and as the name suggests, it closes up at the front like a wrap and fastens either with hidden buttons or a tightening strap. It is universally flattering for all types of bodies and provides a fierce look. The most common length is the midi length, and usually, the wrap dress has some details like ruffles that make it even more unique and beautiful.

With so many different dress options, flaunting the perfect outfit today is very easy. The dress has always been and remains as one of the most feminine garments, a centerpiece among the fashion designers are creating new trends and incorporating new styles.

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